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John Cale on I've Got a Secret

by Robert Rodger

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Nick drew my attention to this appearance by John Cale on the US television show I’ve Got a Secret in 1963, including a piano performance.

Quoted from Nick’s entry in YouTube:

John Cale was the guest on this September 16, 1963 episode of I’ve Got a Secret. His secret centered around his participation in an 18 hour 40 minute piano performance, the first full length presentation of Erik Satie’s “Vexations“. (Not mentioned, John Cage was among the ten pianists taking turns playing the piece that is just three lines long, yet played 840 times.) Seated also on the I’ve Got a Secret stage was Off Broadway actor, Karl Schenzer, who’s secret was that he was the only person to stay for the entire piano concert. On this game show it is interesting to see how artists and television personalities intermix.
In early 1965, John Cale co-founded The Velvet Underground with Lou Reed.