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"Every letter I write..."→
by Robert Rodger
‘Every letter I write is not a love letter’. Inventing sociality with Ray Johnson’s postal system.”
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by Robert Rodger

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On the following page:

I will be following as much activity as possible on this web site using a nice thing called Mint. It will show, among other things:

  • total visits
  • unique visits (i.e.: multiple visits by one IP address = one unique visitor)
  • user agents (browser names, versions, system platforms, e.g. Mac)
  • “real estate” (percentages of window widths and heights)
  • “crushes” (a Mint name, as in crushed mint, for IP addresses, hostnames)
  • pages visited
  • referrers (via which sites people landed here)
  • location (what countries visitors are visiting from)

Needless to say, no private information is or could be made public here.

Below is an image of the first visit, naturally it was mine: