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It has been almost a year now since I last saw John Cale in concert. I’ve seen him four times now.

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“Mail Art has no history, only a present”. These words, written by Ray Johnson, initiator of the international mail art movement, provide a key to one of the most complex and idiosyncratic art projects of the 20th Century. A painter associated with the New York School of painting, Johnson had started it all the mid-1950’s, slowly building up a network of correspondents who would exchange objects and messages through the postal system. Initially it was Johnson himself sending out small collage-like works to a mailing list, urging people to keep them, to add to them, to change them, to send them to others, to return to sender… In time others joined in this activity, and in the course of the 1960’s and 1970’s the n

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Viewing these videos over the years in Nick’s studio I developed a deep familiarity with Ray Johnson, a feeling that I knew him and had spent time with him. Nicholas Maravell is now offering this opportunity to the world.

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I will be following as much activity as possible on this web site using a nice thing called Mint. It will show, among other things…

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The nine-minute video is the first part of the two-hour Sampler video, which is itself a selection from the many hours of The Ray Johnson Videos.

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I attended a friend’s poor taste theme party one evening during the winter of 1982. Thinking there might be something interesting happening I lugged along a dinosaur of a reel-to-reel video recorder. Unfortunately, I never could get the old machine to work as the night was cold and it had stayed in my car too long. It was at this party that I met Ray Johnson

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