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A presentation of portraits related to Jasper Johns…


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After leaving Swensenʼs, I continued to record Ray…


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Days after discussing videotaping to Ray at the Islip Museum Director Madeline Burnside’s New Yearʼs Party, Ray, Nadine and I got together at Hofstra University…

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It has been almost a year now since I last saw John Cale in concert. I’ve seen him four times now.

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Viewing these videos over the years in Nick’s studio I developed a deep familiarity with Ray Johnson, a feeling that I knew him and had spent time with him. Nicholas Maravell is now offering this opportunity to the world.

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I will be following as much activity as possible on this web site using a nice thing called Mint. It will show, among other things…

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The nine-minute video is the first part of the two-hour Sampler video, which is itself a selection from the many hours of The Ray Johnson Videos.

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